Ed McCarthy Art Site Is Up And Running!

Bumper sticker that reads, It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses An Eye

Image by Entertainyamania.com

Well, the Ed McCarthy Art site is up and running, and I’m feeling a lot like pirate guy number four on my bumper sticker.

I picked this bumper sticker for my car when I lived down in Florida. It fit’s my quirky  sense of humor.

The thing is, I was thinking, wouldn’t just be easier to do what everyone else is doing? Just do what others are doing? Copy their stuff? It’s easier. In fact, why not just let some company do it for you, and let it look like everyone else’s stuff?

I mean, Putting a website/blog together is a real pain in the butt. It sure seemed like a good idea at the time. In fact, it’s a lot like building a house. At first, it’s all “fun and games”. You kind of got this wishlist of stuff you want to do and things you want to include, and it’s all so warm and dreamy. Then, you start doing the work. And then it gets hard. I mean, I’ve never had any experience with WordPress, or WordPress themes or deal with WordPress plugins (like a security plugin – which you need just to keep idiots from getting into your stuff for Pete’s sake).

Actually, I’ve had a website of some form or another for years. My first site way back when you had to use “dial-up” to get online. Of course, that was a “free” site with Homestead.com. Back when there existed places like Geocities and such. And you ran Windows 95. Remember Windows 95?

This project is an ongoing one, and I plan on working it for the long haul. But this kinda thing isn’t for the faint at heart. Sometimes, putting this site together takes so long that it feels like I’m waiting for a 200kb image to download in 3 minutes on my old dial-up, and that’s when I want to stick an ice pick in my eye like pirate boy up top. Don’t get me wrong, I really do like where this is all going, but man…

Anyway, I’ve got this thing started. Take a look around and enjoy. There’s a whole lot more to come so please come back, and come often!

Eddie Mac