About Ed McCarthy

About Ed McCarthy Photo of Ed and Jean McCarthy in Florida

Painting is Ed McCarthy’s passion, something he has been doing for most of his life. In fact, Ed entered his first art show in New York City, sponsored by WCBS-TV, at the ripe age of nine. Ed McCarthy and his wife Jean, a nurse at a family practice, settled in Colorado in 1980 and raised a family of 3 children, all of whom now have families of their own. It was the relocation from NY to Southeastern Colorado that so moved Ed to pursue art later on as a professional artist. This long and challenging journey has allowed him the opportunity to grow creatively and to eventually be represented by galleries in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and Florida. In fact, Ed’s art is owned by collectors world wide. 

Ed and Jean returned to Colorado 2015 and this has not only renewed Ed’s love for the land but it has reinvigorated Ed’s fresh, colorful approach to painting as well to revitalized his life long goal to use his gifts to bring wonder and smiles to the faces of others.

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