About Ed McCarthy

About Ed McCarthy Photo of Ed and Jean McCarthy in Florida

Everything you wanted to know About Ed McCarthy…

Ed calls Pueblo, Colorado home, again! He and his wife have three children and nine grandchildren. Ed’s wife, Jean is a nurse who works with a local physician. Ed and Jean are both native New Yorkers. The McCarthy’s lived in Pueblo for nearly 30 years before moving to Florida in 2008. They have returned recently to be near their kids and grand kids.

Painting is Ed’s passion, and something he has done for most of his life. Ed entered his first art show in New York City, sponsored by WCBS-TV, at the ripe age of nine.

Ed McCarthy is an contemporary American painter. He is especially adept at several painting techniques including realism, impressionism and pointillism.

Ed’s art started out as a form of escapism. As a child, daydreaming and art making had gone hand-in-hand as modes of expression and exploration, and Ed still approaches art the same way today.  Whether it’s the unfolding magic of flowers, depictions of faraway places, or fanciful characters from literature, the goal of Ed McCarthy’s imagination and paintbrush is to use his gifts to bring wonder and smiles to the faces of others.

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