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Ed McCarthy photo portrait for Ed McCarthy's Artist Statement

Ed’s Bio –  A Tangible Expression Celebrating The Joy Of Life


Scribbling pictures on the dining room wall, this was my introduction into art making as a kid. In time though, art would prove to be a very helpful tool of expression, as well as a coping mechanism in dealing with family and life issues and the relentless waves of gut churning anxiety I have experienced throughout my life.

As a kid, I was a bit of an introvert. Having no real place to turn to, the arts became my escape from the crazy world of six siblings, and an alcoholic mother, and a father who would blow up at my mom’s drinking. As usual, kids generally pay for that. That’s not to say that it was all terrible in our home, but when it was bad, it was pretty bad. And as the eldest of seven children, I tended to absorb it all like a sponge. And of course, this was the 60’s and 70’s, and I did my fair share of dabbling in alcohol and drugs as well, but I had something that provided me with a place to go besides down. Art helped me to hang on.

Overtime, I developed a love for music and the arts, but it was the visual arts, primarily drawing and painting, that allowed me to feel relatively safe during a very unsettled period in my unsettled life.

As I got older, things did improve. I attended Suffolk Community College on Long Island, NY. College gave me the tools to become a better artist, as well as the ability to come out of my shell and connect with people. Along with becoming a born-again Christian, my college experience provided me with a world view from which I began to understand life and reality while allowing me the opportunity to develop a foundation on which to build my art.

Over the years, I’ve worked at a lot of jobs, became acquainted with lots of people, even traveled around a bit. I got married and had three children, and eventually 9 grandchildren. I taught special needs students, served in the USAF Reserves, and even helped build rockets. I’ve lived in NY, Florida and Colorado. But always, through it all, I made art.

Ultimately, I believe that my creativity has served me well, providing me with the opportunity to experience a sense of peace, while having the chance to bless others with this gift. Truly, my art has become a tangible expression celebrating the joy of life. Making joyful paintings that touch people, inspires them, reminds them of the special places and feelings in their own lives, and maybe even evoking a sense of wonder, that’s what I am aiming for through my art.

Enjoy the work!

Ed McCarthy

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