About My Artwork – An Introduction

I love to paint and to create. I am very grateful for this awesome gift.  My artwork is about playing with colors, shapes & emotions. In many ways, I’m like a child at play. And just like most children, young or old, I take what I do seriously. There is no more serious human being on the planet, then kids at play. When it comes to playing, kids mean it! And, just like any kid, I feel that there’s no reason in the world that it can’t be fun.

As a result, I have found that most of my paintings function best by employing unique techniques and tinkering with several different elements namely humor, playful shapes and design, and the uplifting effects of vivid color. These are the elements of playtime fun. Whether the subject is landscapes, seascapes, flowers or even surreal activities and objects,  I am provided daily with opportunities to explore ideas that for me, basically amount to playtime for big people!

Acrylic paint on canvas and hardboard panels is what I use to created my paintings. Acrylics provide the exact paint qualities I need to create my work with my specific painting style – ease of mixing, a fast drying medium and a rich selection of vivid hues without the messiness of oils.

Over the years, I’ve painted using a variety of techniques and styles. For years I was fascinated with a technique called pointillism. As a result, I have created a lot of pointillist artwork over the years.  Some believe my pointillist works may be some of the best out there! My approach is the result of years of experimenting with this technique. For those not familiar, Pointillism utilizes a refined broken-color-brushstroke technique that employs thousands and thousands of dots and dashes.

I also dabble in Impressionism, and Romantic Realism.

A Couple of Quick Notes …

  1. All paintings being offered for sale, are sold with FREE (that is, nada, zip, zero) shipping and handling, to buyers within the US. In order to do this, all paintings are being sold without frames. This reduces the cost of shipping, providing buyers the opportunity to purchase my art at the most affordable prices.
  2. My “Bell Ringer Guarantee”: What’s this?   I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If after 2 weeks my painting isn’t “ringing your bell”, please contact me and let me know what I can do to remedy whatever the issue might be!
  3. At this time, I am only shipping art within the US.
  4. ALL sales transactions are handled through PayPal, a safe and secure service. I do not collect, trade, sell personal data or information on my site.
  5. Finally, If you have any questions regarding purchasing my art, questions about any of the pieces, etc., please, do not hesitate to contact me HERE! Thank you for stopping and looking!

Studio Address:

Ed McCarthy, Artist

Starlite Art Works Studio

2500 Sherwood Lane

Pueblo, CO 81005

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