Shipping & Delivery

    1. All paintings being offered for sale, are sold with FREE (that is, nada, zip, zero) shipping and handling, to buyers within the US. In order to do this, all paintings are being sold without frames ( UNLESS NOTED in my ESTY shop). This reduces the cost of shipping, providing buyers the opportunity to purchase my art at the most affordable prices.

    1. At this time, all sales are processed through my shop at,  ETSY.   All sales transactions take place on the Safe and Secure PayPal website. I keep no data, personal or financial information on this site, and would never give or sell any of your information to anyone for any reason, Period!
    1. My “Bell Ringer Guarantee”: What’s this?   I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If after 2 weeks my painting isn’t “ringing your bell”, please contact me and let me know what I can do to remedy whatever the issue might be!
  1. Currently, I only ship art within the US at this time.
  2. Finally, If you have any questions regarding purchasing my art, questions about any of the pieces, etc., please, do not hesitate to contact me HERE! Thank you for stopping and looking!



Studio Address:

Ed McCarthy, Artist

Starlite Art Works Studio

2500 Sherwood Lane

Pueblo, CO 81005

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